Monday, April 9, 2018

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Smart Solar Box

I used to live in Vermont and now live in South Carolina I can remember the winters and the loss of power.
I have 2 daughters  living in Arkansas "off the grid" and I come across this system that I would have liked to have on some of those  times.

The solution is simpel and easy to build. This video will show you how,

It is called SMART SOLOR BOX .
Look at this video:  


Have you ever had a TV show on and needed to change something on your remote that is "DEAD" and have no battery's in the house. Well I have and running to the store will miss the show. Well there is an solution. Its called EZBATTERY RECONDITIONING  and it may not help this show,but if you had this it would solve any future problems.

Click on this link and find out the solution:

Click Here!HTML

Monday, January 20, 2014

Need A Home Designed Or Built

In this day and age people are looking to find out how to go about getting someone to design an addition or if they want to downsize due to the current economy they want to find someone they can trust to give them guidance and show them the best way to get the results they want.

There are a great number of ways to go about this. You can look in the yellow pages, the local newspaper or the Internet. The best way I feel is to find a company that does not design or build, but only has lists of pre-qualified people or companies that can do any phase of the project. Most of these company's will have you fill out a questionnaire listing all the things you want to accomplish and in what time frame you want to get it done. There is no obligation or cost on your part if you contact them.

With that in hand they send the inquiry to a list of pre-qualified firms or people in your area with your "wish" list and they will call you to set up a time to meet and go over your requirements . It has been my experience that some of these company's sent this information to a large list of contractors and you will be receiving a great many calls. You need to be in control and one way is to do this is to find a company that will just sent you to a site that has qualified people that you can call and talk to them. At that time they will give you a list of references that you can call to review their work.

From that time on you are in control.

Even though I have a lot of experience in this field I know that if you don't know me you might be afraid to call and talk to someone you don't know

If you live in or around Myrtle Beach or Horry County  I would be happy to talk to you about any plans you have.
You can check out my background at:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Have A Disney World Vacation For A Fraction Of What Others Pay

I always liked Disney. I guess it is still the kid in me, but I never tire of all the great times my family and I have had there.

For those of you that haven’t experienced the wonders of Disney you need to look at a great book that Beth Haworth Former Disney Cast Member and Best Selling Travel Writer has written about what to plan for and how to save money for you and your family. This guide has a lot of great ideas and information that will help you enjoy your stay.

Most people know that there is a great deal of difference in what it will cost you if you don’t know what to look for and where to go to find it.

Beth has been there and has gathered a lot of things that will save you time and money.

I could go on and tell you what they are, but “The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide” is updated every month so you always have the latest information at your fingertips!

Check it out here.

Solar Power- Living Outside of The Grid

I this day and age finding ways to save money is a new way of life. No matter where you live and what the temperature is, modern living relies on electricity for everyday living.
More people feel that it is too complicated or costly to build and maintain, but the technology is available for anyone to build and install solar panels. 
 I have two daughers who live in Yellville Arkansas and have been " Living off the grid " for about 10 years and they did all the work themselves.   

 How Solar Panel Works

The Sun produces a range of energy which we can only see a small part of as visible white light. Solar panels turn another part, or wavelength, of the light into electricity that can be harnessed. A photovoltaic cell (PV Cell) produces electricity on the principle that electricity will be produced when two semiconductors are exposed to a particular wavelength of light. Groups of PV Cells are linked together to form panels, the bigger the panel and the more cells, the greater the amount of electricity can be produced.

One of the many books on the market is: